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Extravagant and Over demanding Australians

Australia has requested its citizens who are travelling not to ask for frivolous demands at their embassies, giving an example of a man who had requested representatives in Thailand to pay for a call girl. In addition to other unusual demand, an Australian man required embassy personnel to assist him catch a polecat that had climbed a roof. Whereas another woman had asked them to take care of her dog as she went about her activities.

Julie Bishop, who is the Foreign Minister uttered various embassies entice unbecoming behaviors and some fifteen thousand Australian travelers are among them. Publicizing the new procedures, Julie pointed out refusal of numerous demands by the country’s embassies over the previous year.

She made a statement concerning the consular staff in that it is not their duty to settle their bills for repairing their jet ski, neither paying for their hotel bills. The staff is not available to offer you a PC and neither offer you with office area in their places of work to enable you perform your requirements.

Such demands are popular at the Bangkok embassy, a senior employee at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Anita Downey, confessed. The Bangkok operation deals with many of these demands for help, Dubai, Bali, Los Angeles and Manila following suit.

The new procedures comprise of a strategy of just offering particular or restricted consular assistance to individuals who cause themselves into problems. There are also proposals to deliberate charging them for any consular assistance they obtain.

Julie also stated that in many of their embassies, the labelling of some travelers could be as serial pests that are frequently going back to their office as they have become broke. Others have personal issues and often to embassy and expect the consular staff to resolve their issues.

Australia is procuring steps to stop such absurd demands that its travelling civilians have entertained with Australian consulates and embassies all over the world. The Foreign Minister has pronounced new strategies to emphasize consular amenities on Wednesday, as a last option and to encourage a stronger nation of personal responsibility and self-reliance in the travelling community.

These strategies comprise of a new law of offering the least consular amenities to Australians who errantly, occasionally or carelessly get themselves into problems. Charging for the embassy assistance is also a plan the government is contemplating.

Diplomats are also in the mix. They have staged demands for armored vehicles and intervention to evade a monetary charge of a speeding fine, Justin Brown, who is a senior official in the office of the Foreign Ministry, said.

Additionally, other examples are the evacuation of Australians from the civil disturbance in Egypt in a government leased Qantas airliner in 2011 anticipated frequent flier bonus miles. Certain Australians moved out from the aftershock of the 2004 tsunami demanded sitting in the first-class.

Australians are passionate travelers and with only a population of only twenty four million, 9.2 million engaged in foreign trips in the past year. In the same period, the office of the Foreign Affairs helped 15,000 of the population.

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