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Five Best Free Data Recovery Tools

Data loss can come at a very critical time when you need to use important pictures, documents or files of any other kind. There are many causes of data loss, whereas some are intentional and others unintentional. Whichever the case, you will need a free data recovery that will not only recover your lost data quickly and efficiently but also in their original form. The following are the five best free data recovery tools.

1. Recuva
Recuva is a Data Recovery Houston program that is used by many people. It includes a wizard mode and manual mode for data restoration, which are used separately. Recuva comes with a handy version that can be installed on external hard drives or USB drives. You can also be shown details of the files that are recoverable and those that are unrecoverable. For the unrecoverable files, there are many other free data recovery tools you can use to check whether you can save them.

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2. Undelete plus
Undelete plus works by assigning a recovery probability on files depending on how they have been damaged. Once the files have been recovered, it begins by repairing the least damaged before moving on to those that are badly damaged.

3. PhotoRec
PhotoRec is used where there is no necessity for deep disk recovery. This makes if the perfect tool for recovery of personal files since it does not interfere with the partitions on the computer rather it focuses entirely on the file types in a safe and read only mode. It is a powerful tool for copying deleted files to another disk safely and efficiently.

4. Puran
Puran comes in handy when it comes to retrieving work documents, pictures, videos or music from external storage devices and local drives on the computer. The three methods offered for scanning include quick scan, deep scan and full scan. You are also allowed to customize the scanning in whichever way you want hence be able to recover your lost data easily.

5. Wise data recovery
Wise data recovery has easy navigation, which makes it great for personal use. When using it, all you have to do is choose a drive, click scam and wait for it to locate the deleted files. It not only rates the recoverability of the found files into statuses such as “good”, “poor”, “very poor” or “lost” but also shows the last time that the lost data was modified. It works quickly and easily when dealing with a few deleted, but if you have a lot of files, it is better to use another tool.

These tools are definitely the best free data recovery tools that you can always depend on whenever and wherever you experience data loss anywhere, anytime!

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