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Heavy Rains and Storms in Southern California

There has been a severe traffic snarl-up and power failure in most parts of Southern California due to a major storm that has hit the area in the last few days. There has been reports of possible mudslides or major flooding as well. Conferring to the National Weather Service, there has been 1.5 inches of rainfall in suburbs of Los Angeles, which brings a record established in 1961 that included Palmdale, Long Beach Airport and Oxnard as well.

There is an expectation of scattered downpours to continue at present, prompting the city officials throughout the areas to request the residents to be patient with the effect of unavoidable evacuations in the challenge of possible flooding and mudslides. Chris Jeffers, who is the Glendora City Manager, assured the residents of his objective to safeguard life first, and then property as it is hard to leave home.

Although the residents were not under a compulsory evacuation in the wake of the heavy rains and storms in Southern California, city leaders and police indicated of the possibility varying with the estimate for the afternoon. The weather officials anticipated up to six inches of downpour might flood the higher regions, with the effect of the Colby fire earlier this year, thought the San Gabriel Mountains are in danger of mudslides.

There was a handing out of an estimate of 18,000 sandbags over the past few days in comparison to 50,000 of an earlier downpour this year. Steve Martin, who is an acting deputy chief of the county’s fire department, told the residents with the mountains cutting loose suddenly, it might seem an inconvenience to abandon their homes. It would be strenuous for the rescue team to reach them when they are stuck and stranded as it happens quickly.

In the earlier hours of Tuesday morning, there was disruption of the power lines at the Sunset Boulevard and the Pacific Coast Highway due to the heavy rains, an earlier warning by the weather forecaster. This lead to its closure and many of the residents of Camarillo Springs left their homes by noon as water and mud started to flood the streets.

Lanes in the two directions later started operation after 5pm. Due to the heavy rains and storms in Southern California, there was an expectation of more than four hundred consumers to be short of power until late in the evening.

There was a closure of the Bike paths in other areas of Los Angeles County and Laguna Beach due to the unbearable weather conditions. Most of the early hours of Tuesday found most of the residents of Edison without electricity in Tustin, Santa Ana and Irvine because of a tree branch that had fallen and destroyed power equipment.

Emergency procedure teams first delivered voluntary removals in Glendora, Silverado Canyon and Camarillo. Teams who were adjacent the foothills expended Monday fixing sandbags and K-rails along property lines and residential streets to direct overflow in the direction of the drains. Many of the residents were in a state of getting better from a mudslide that occurred last month.

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