America’s global war on terror which started immediately after the 9/11 world trade organization bombings by the Al Qaeda over seven years ago continues. Afghanistan seems to have been stabilized or rather at least there is no news about what’s happening there. But Iraq is constantly in the news both within the US and outside. Iraq seems to be taking a huge toll on America both in terms of people and resources. Despite two bloody wars and continued battles in Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction have been recovered from Iraq. It is very clear to the entire world that American war on Iraq was for oil and has nothing to do with WMD or global terror or anything of that sort. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a surge in reporting on Iraq war and almost every day there is one major write up about the war in the newspapers.

The war has actually become something of a stalemate. At the time we are losing the war the terrorists must be winning. Problem is, they don’t dare openly control any territory and disappear pretty quickly whenever any coalition forces or ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) show up. Moreover, they haven’t achieved any of their objectives other than terrorizing the population. Casualty wise, we are certainly winning. And while we have captured thousands of insurgents, they have captured only a very small handful of US soldiers. We made a great deal of progress initially, but then it stagnated. So why aren’t we doing better? Progress now is difficult because we are simply too divorced from the culture, language, and society. We can’t blend in with the population or go deep undercover to root out the insurgents from their lairs. We don’t spend much time socializing with the locals and hearing the latest rumors. We’re getting better, but its always been hard for us to always know what’s going on, even just outside the gates to our bases. Part of the reason for this is on us, but part of it is simply Iraqi culture. In any case, for this reason, the Iraqis really do have to be in charge (and they are), but they can’t do it alone. Not yet.

Every time we kill/capture an insurgent, more just takes his place, so the war is just creating more terrorists.

This is true to a point, but there is also the other side of the coin. Every time terrorists kill an Iraqi national, it drives his family members to want to fight the terrorists – many join the ISF (Iraqi security forces) for this reason, and are among the best and most loyal I have ever met. Unfortunately, many join a competing terrorist group to take out their revenge instead.

It’s a scandal that we didn’t have more body armor for the troops or vehicles at the start of the war

This one really galls me and I hear it a lot. It’s strange that people who allege this didn’t see it also as a scandal that Clinton didn’t have body armor for soldiers in Somalia, Bosnia, or for that matter, any President in any prior war in US history (we have had flak jackets since Vietnam, but they stop shrapnel only – they aren’t bulletproof). The reason why not every soldier had the IBA at the start was that it was just being introduced for the very first time when the invasion took place! Now there is some misunderstanding on this among the public – if police departments have had bulletproof vests for a long time, why did it take the military so long to get them? The types of vests that police use would be pretty useless in wartime. Police vests stop handguns only, they don’t stop any rifles unless they are of a very low caliber, and can’t stop armor piercing bullets at all. The IBA is capable of stopping almost every kind of bullet there is (at least for a few hits). But it is bulky and hot as hell in the summertime!! Incredibly, some people are calling for more armor, like full arm and leg protection… I would ask them to try themselves going through an Iraqi Summer with all that on!! Also incredibly, sometimes the press is still claiming we don’t have enough body armor, which hasn’t been true for the last three years.

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