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Suicide Bomber Hits Yemen

Suicide Bonbers

There was confirmation of fifty dead people as two suicide bombers hit Yemen on Thursday. One was targeting a crowd of Shiite radicals in the capital, whereas the other hit a military post in the south of the country. The bombings highlight the country’s unstable condition during a Shiite rebel crackdown that has amazed the nation and restructured the country’s political situation.

At least thirty people lost their lives when a suicide bomber detonated the explosives in central Sanaa and most of them were followers of the radical Shiite, who as well had overran the capital in an attack the previous month. Allegations are that the bomber merged with the followers during the early hours as they were preparing for the assembly in the historic Tahir Street ahead of the detonation of the explosives.

The other explosion occurred on the suburbs of Mukalla in Hadarmout region situated in the southern port city. The suicide car bomber crushed his car on a security post, thereby killing at least twenty army officers and injuring fifteen. Hadarmout is among the various grips of al-Qaida of Yemeni branch and reflected by Washington as the most treacherous offshoot of the terrorist system.

Nobody took immediate declaration of liability for both attacks, but both had an indication of al-Qaida that has carried out suicide bombings on military troop, government facilities and security personnel for many years. There was admission to hospitals for the injured including six children who were in a serious condition. There was a pile up of dead victims, some that were only body parts on the floor of the hospitals. Next to two dislodged heads were two other headless bodies.

There was a gruesome sight in Tahir Street as blood flooded on the road as people helped to shovel body segments from the road. There was scattering of personal effects and sandals belonging to the victims. The notorious group in Yemen had given a warning last week that it would attack the Houthis and asked the country’s Sunnis to close lines and attack the Shiite radicals.

The calling of the rally of the Sanaa by the Houthis was to dispute the President’s choosing of a new prime minister. As the disaster intensified, the acting Prime Minister requested the President, Abed, if he would help him of the position.

Nevertheless, in spite of the suicide bombing attach and Mubarak failing the premiership, the protest continue later on Thursday evening with over four thousand Houthis asking Hadi to cease power and chanting catchphrases against Saudi Arabia and the US.

Their rebellious leader, Abdel-Malik presented a statement on live broadcast the night of Wednesday asking followers to rally against the select of bin Mubarak on Thursday. He stated the surprise of his followers by the selection alleging that the President was a dummy in the hands of influential powers.

There were street battles and fighting last month but a UN intervention pact consequently accomplished to end the battles. The Houthis’s seizure of Sanaa brought about weeks of rioting by their followers in the capital to force demands for a bigger share in authority and a transformation in the government.

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